Otostick Reviews & Testimonials

At Zurego we only sell unique, innovative health and beauty products which have been proven to work. We have recently published results of a medical study proving the effectiveness of our Otostick Baby ear correctors. You can buy direct from us by clicking here with fast and free UK delivery.

Alternatively you can also buy our small, practically invisible silicone prosthesis which keeps the ear close to the head using a specially developed hypoallergenic adhesive, on popular trusted e-commerce sites such as Amazon.co.uk and eBay as well as Rowlands Pharmacies nationwide

Read more about what others say about Otostick - The effective ear correctors designed to reduce ear prominence.

(all testimonials taken from Amazon.co.uk)

amazon reviews for otostick ear correctors

"I had my ears pinned back around ten years ago but they still stick out a little more than I like so I thought I'd give these a try. They were fantastic and made me feel much more relaxed and confident with my hair up. My ears did start to ache a little after a few hours but this may have been more due to my application skills than the product itself!
If only I could have had these years ago when I was at school - it might have saved me from years of being bullied."


"I'm in my forties and have always been paranoid about my sticky out ears. So much so I wear my hair down all the time. I bought these last week thinking they would be a waste of money but boy was I wrong, I put my first pair on making sure my ears were clean and dry and they stuck perfectly. I am now on day 4 with the same ones and there still perfect even after washing my hair. For the first time in my adult life I have my hair in a pony tail. Thank you otostick."


"For years I've been searching for something like this, gives a natural look and I cant even feel that i'm wearing it. Otostick has given me confidence and I can't praise it enough. Will be 100% buying in the future!"


"After 28 years of being really insecure, embarrassed and wearing my hair down, I now have so much confidence thanks to these little tabs. I've had a pair on for 3 days and they're still stuck fast. I highly recommend this product and will continue to purchase."


"amazing product have waited years for something like this. was considering correction surgery but no need to now Otostick is available. Easy to use and not self-conscious about ears anymore while wearing Otostick."

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For Adults, and Children over 3 years of age, Otostick is available