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Spotner - Anti Age Spot Appli-Pen 2ml
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Customer Testimonials:

It Works  
By Maggie T

I've never been convinced that much could be done about age spots, but having used this product for a couple of months now, I can honestly say - it works!

Don't expect instant results, but do persist because it will happen. I started off by applying it only to the largest marks. It took a few weeks before I started to see much difference, but there is now a big improvement. The edges seem to have blurred and the spots are really fading away.

The applicator is neat, it's simple to use and easy to apply. Recommended.
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Just takes a bit of time  
By laura c

i have been using this for sometime i do think it works but just takes a bit of time and you must be Consistant in the use of it.

Surprised that this works!  
By Queen Bee

I like to keep my complexion as clear/mark-free as possible and have never really been a sunbather, but post 45 I had noticed some small brown marks appearing near to my eyes on both sides of my face.

I usually have x2 fairly expensive skin peels a year with reasonable to good resuls, but felt if I could find something topical that worked to reduce these type of marks it would save the fuss and expensive of peels. I have previously used Clinique "even better" clinical dark spot corrector which is effective, but you need two to three phials/tubes at almost £50 a time to really get good results on stubborn marks. Then I found Spotner...

For me this works a treat. Admittedly the pen applicator is small and it will run out quite quickly if you're using it twice a day, but it works if you persevere and compared to other lightening treatments and creams on the market I think it's fairly reasonably priced considering it does actually work.

I've been using it twice a day for a week and after 4-days have seen an improvement on the spots around my eyes which have faded considerably. I think after 2-weeks they will be gone.

The pen shaped applicator makes the cream easy to apply. It leaves a slight film on the skin which takes a few minutes to sink in and you should wait for the product to be absorbed completely before applying any further moisturisers/skin care products. I have quite a sensitive skin and had no allergic reaction to the cream, but I do feel a slight burning sensation once applied but this is literally for a few seconds.

It's a shame the product doesn't come in a larger tube style dispenser, but the pen makes it easy to store and you could easily keep it in a wash bag/make-up bag.

I will definitely continue to use this product as personally it's saved me a fortune on peels and expensive cosmetic topical treatments that are not as effective. I have ordered my second "pen" already, although to keep the marks at bay once faded I would recommend using a high SPF cream of 40 daily.
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Fantastic results!  
By zoe

This product is wonderful! I had a few age spots on my hands and arms which had bothered me for some time, I thought that there was nothing I could do about them. My friend recommended Spotner after using it on her face with fantastic results. The pen is really easy to use and convenient to carry round so you don't forget to use it. After a couple of weeks the spots are now hardly visible and I am thrilled to have clearer skin again. Give it a go!

spotner hand and body agespot treatment
By lyn
I have used a product before from a specialist skin clinic for an age spot on my face - it did not work - this does! I found I saw a difference quite quickly and the spot has faded to a point where it does not bother me anymore. It is really easy to apply, I keep mine in my makeup bag in case I forget in the morning......I really recommend this product Thanks Spotner!

It is too early to tell but i am hoping ...  
By Kulsum.b

It is too early to tell but i am hoping it will remove the dark skin pigmentation permanently. time will tell

Determind to persevere  
By S. Black
I have just using Spotner and although after a week I can see a little difference I think it will take considerably longer to see big changes but am determined to persevere.

This really works  
By angie
This product has really faded the agespots on my face - I can't believe how effective it is and how nice it is to use. I have tried all sorts of treatments and this is the best.

Age spots looked slightly better  
By Ann L
Was very dissapointed, small age spots looked slightly better on one hand, but did not touch large ones on other, I saw it revued in a Womans mag they said it was very good

It could possibly work  
By J.Nicholson

I have persevered in using this product as I could see an improvement on the age spot I have on my face. My husband commented on it as well; he could see that it starting to fade a little bit. I am now on my third tube (it doesn't last that long; the tube contains very little amount) and I have ordered another two this morning; after this, I will re-asses it again to see if it had been worthwhile.

youthful hands!  
By matron

After my grandson asked what are those spots on your hands grandma? I thought I needed to take urgent action!

I had read a recent review in a womans magazine about how brilliant Spotner was, I made an order a few weeks ago and am so amazed by the results! The spots have faded with some disapearing altogether!!

Fantastic thanks spotner!

Faded dramatically!  
By Effie B
I have used Spotner for nearly a month now (twice a day), and the 2 particular spots that I was targeting have faded dramatically, but not disappeared altogether yet. I will continue to use the Spotner pen and see whether the spots totally disappear eventually. This product is great  & so easy to use, convenient to carry, and there is no fragrance or irritation on the skin.

Faded dramatically!  
By rosalyn w

after using spotner for 3 weeks i have found it has reduced my spots quite significantly and highly recommend this product, and the best thing is its so easy to use.

Looking much clearer!  
By Deborah G

After using the Spotner Anti-Agespot pens I find my hand and colletage are looking much clearer and the age spots have definitely faded! This is a great product. Easy to use, precise application and fast and efficient! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for for improvement in their skin. I will continue using this product myself.

They have faded but only slightly  
By Nanny to 6 so far!

I have been using it on my right hand and also 2 largish spots on my cleavage. They have faded, but only slightly. I do use an exfoliant every day, all over, so I don't know whether this is why I have only had minimal fading Will have to continue using and see what happens. I agree with everyone else, easy to use, and no adverse effects at all

My age spots have got lighter  
By Gwenda

I have been using the Spotner cream for almost 3 weeks and believe that my age spots have got lighter. My spots were quite dark so I wasn't really expecting them to vanish completely in only a few weeks. I will definitely continue to use it and am optimistic that my spots will disappear. The cream is very easy to use and I have not had any adverse reaction. I definitely recommend the use of the Spotner pen.

Vastly reduced age spots  
By Jocelyn

Using the Spotner cream as directed has softened the skin and vastly reduced the age spots and in some instances it also appears to have completely banished the little imperfections. The Spotner cream was very easy to use and it will be interesting to see whether continued use has further effect on the two or three remaining spots. It certainly would appear to be a winner and I have had no ill effects from using this cream.

Hopefully good results will continue  
By Melissa T

After using the pen for the past 2.5 weeks, I have noticed that my pigmentation spots have faded slightly. I must say though that my spots are quite dark, so I am very happy that the Spotner pen has managed to fade them back slightly. I am going to continue using and hopefully good results will continue. I would definitely recommend using the Spotner pen. I would be interested to see if people with lighter sun spots get better results sooner.