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Otostick Cosmetic Ear Correctors
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Customer Testimonials:

Fabulous product!  
By Ms lawence

I discovered otostick whilst looking through a Sunday supplement.. I thought to myself why not give them a go? Much cheaper and safer then surgery! So glad I did they are fab!! I have had several packets now and will continue with them.

They give me confidence to wear my hair up with worrying about my ears looking silly. They stay in place until you take them off and you can wash your hair with them in place and they don't budge!! They can ache your ears slightly but I have only had this problem once out of all the times I've worn them! I reccomend otostick to anyone who is unhappy with their ears!!

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So pleased for 33 years one of my ears stick out ...  
By Shaun

So pleased for 33 years one of my ears stick out never really bothered me but when I have pictures taken I always turn to my side cos I hate my ear on pictures so I thought I'd give this a try wasn't expecting much tbh but it works perfectly so pleased with it il probably always buy them now u get 8 which is 8 weeks worth bargain if u ask me so much confident and I shave my head and nobody as even noticed the otostick

I genuinely cannot express how happy I have been with them  

I just had to send you an email to let you, and your staff know, how much you have all revolutionised my life.

I purchased a packet of 'Otostick' in September (and was duly impressed with your extremely prompt response into my issue about postage), in anticipation of my best friend's upcoming wedding in November. I trialed one pair at home a few weeks before the 'big day', but unfortunately one of the pads didn't stick so well, so I wasn't holding out much hope for when I would come to properly wear them. However, on Saturday, I got up early to fix them and all seemed to be going well. Although, now four days later they are pretty much 'out of stick', I genuinely cannot express how happy I have been with them. My best friend, Kate, wanted us bridesmaids to have our hair up for the day. My ears have, since a child, been a major issue of embarrassment, contention and subject to teasing. As such, I have always worn my hair down (though this often makes it worse and they peek through my hair). When I found your product, I really felt like I had nothing left to lose. I did wear my hair up! For the first time ever, in my 28 years of life, I have not had to hide behind my hair. I felt confident, happy and incredibly excited. Thank you so, so much, and may I wish your company and yourself a hugely successful future. I shall be a regular customer from now on!
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Brilliant service. Such a great product  
By sinead p

Brilliant service. Such a great product! I would recommend this to anyone who has been self conscious about there ears.

By natasha

Amazing! For many years I wanted ear surgery..bullied day out.having to wear my hair down to cover up but on days with bad weather was very hard...could not put my hair up like others...had to go around with wet messy hair.could not enjoy activities with friends..have my hair done or styled to look nice..

Just had to suffer.

But now thanks to Otostick I can do everything %uD83D%uDE0A amazing product would recommend to anyone.stick well,last for at least 7days even then have trouble trying to get activities,shower,move around whilst asleep and still stay stuck

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By beth

I have always been super self-concious of my ears an have wanted surgery to correct them for years... However, my parents never agreed nor helped me take the steps to do so and just shrugged it off. I have resorted to trying double-sided sticky tape, headband to correct them manually, clipping them back with my hair, pulling my hair so tight in a pony tail so it pulled my ears back, you name it.. I tried it.

Until i stumbled across these beauties!!! I recently found similar products of which were 10x the price!!! These have literally saved my life and boosted my confidence dramatically! Although they say they usually last for 3 days or a max of 7 days - i have had the same ones in for nearly 2 whole weeks! Yes, i have showered and washed behind my ears(where i could get to), i have taken part in sports activities, tried new hairstyles, and dyed my hair and these have not budged! I cannot reccommend these enough! When i first opened the box i was dissappointed to see there was only 8, i thought they would be gone in 2 weeks, but they have proved me wrong! I will forever be buying these whenever i do run out! Saving a pair for my 18th birthday so i can keep my self esteem higher for longer! Thankyou so much to whom ever created these wonderul things! Buy buy buy

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Very pleased!!  
By George T

Very good product. The ear correctors are very sticky and do not come off easily. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is worried about protruding ears.

Highly Recommend! But here's some tips...  
By SamanthaB

Amazing Product! I have always had ears that stuck out and I was teased mercilessly as a kid for it. This is a great solution for those that don't want to go through surgery or can't because of financial issues, work conflicts etc.

The trick is to minimize touching the sticky part with your fingers as you put them on, and place them where a natural fold in your ears would be. This is dependent on the person - each person will need place them in a different place on their head to achieve the desired effect, not just at the top of the ear, as is shown in the picture. For me, if I place them about 1/3 of the way down from the top of my ear I find that I get a better-looking result.


For those that had the problem with sticking - make sure the area is clean and COMPLETELY DRY before putting them on. I had that problem the first set I tried to put on - I had cleaned the area but it wasn't quite dry yet. Also, try not to touch the sticky part too much as you put them on.


They don't completely stick the ear flat against your head (I have a feeling some people expected this to happen). It provides a little bit of a gap between your ear and your scalp, which is more natural looking and allows people who wear glasses to be able to use them too.


I would recommend getting 2 of them the first time you order them so that you have a box that you can experiment with to see what works for you. After that, they'll stay on from 4-8 days per set. I have a very active lifestyle (a physically demanding job, and I work out 5 days a week), and they'll stay on for 5-7 days average. I do trim the edges before I put them on just because they stick out a bit and I don't want them to be visible. But overall a great product I'm definitely going to continue to use them.

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Amazing!! My son has one ear sticking out ...  
By ewan d
Amazing!! My son has one ear sticking out really bad as it was folded at birth. He sleeps on it folded also. But now this little discreet thing on one ear makes his ears both same!!! Also stops him from sleeping on ear folded over

Five Stars  
By e c holt

good product my son is delighted

It’s invisible and I can wear my glasses  
By Dave D

It works extremely well for me, I only use it on one ear, which protrudes more than the other, and works perfectly, couldn’t be better, it’s invisible and I can wear my glasses, it makes a big difference to me. 

Have already bought this product before and left excellent feedback then and still just as good this time ...  
By alison l

Have already bought this product before and left excellent feedback then and still just as good this time does what it's supposed to and lasts well

You have honestly given me a whole new lease of life!  
By E Mail

I love performing in amateur dramatic productions.  It must seem quite ironic that someone with such a fragile disposition towards their appearance is willing to put themselves on stage, for all to see.  Having said that, up until now, I have been fortunate in that all of my parts have enabled me to 'hide' my ears.  Either with large hair-dos, wigs or hats.

However, I am currently in a production now where I have to wear my hair 'tightly off my face'.  I don't usually get nervous before I go on stage.  I don't usually get stage fright.  I don't usually start to panic that I'll forget my lines, or I'll go wrong.  It is only 'play acting' after all.  However, I do panic about what I will look like with my ears sticking out.  And this time, I have, for the first time, had panic attacks, got upset, and began to feel I should quit the play because I didn't feel I could go on stage with my ears on full display.

In some fortuitous moment of fate, this has been the week after I first used Otostick for the first time.  And so I've used them again for this production. And, once again, I cannot thank you enough.  I feel confident in myself, in my performance, and I can wear my hair up and focus on what I'm supposed to be doing, rather than how ridiculous my ears look.

You have honestly given me a whole new lease of life - so many opportunities have become available and so many doors have now opened.”

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Highly recommend these they are fab easy to use and each ...  
By Jane

Highly recommend these they are fab easy to use and each pair can last upto 1 week if applied correctly. They have boosted my confidence right up i feel great while using otostick!

Five Stars  
By Judith P

fantastic did exactly what it said it would do, I highly recommend

Five Stars  
By Ian P

excellent product

Five Stars  
By Baimyrza

Great item

Good buy eventually  
By Sue L

Pleased with product. Took a few tries to place them correctly.However no probes now and I can wear them comfortably.

best buy and would buy again!!!!  
By Terri

this is the second set i have ordered. absolutely delighted with otostick. really do make a difference. would have got 5 stars only each set i have bought 2 out of the 8 correctors failed to stick properly. defo buy again!!!

Four Stars  
By mrs julie h

very good

Great for special occasions when you want to put your hair up  
By Mrs Lynn T

They were a little bit uncomfortable to start with and a bit tricky to get positioned right, but once they were in place they stayed put for a week even when washing hair. It was great to be able to put my hair up without worrying about my ears sticking out and they didn't show at all. I wouldn't wear them all the time, but would definitely recommend them for when you want to wear your hair up.

For years I've been searching for something like this, gives a natural look and I cant ...  
By Georgia E

For years I've been searching for something like this, gives a natural look and I cant even feel that i'm wearing it. Otostick has given me confidence and I can't praise it enough. Will be 100% buying in the future!

Cannot praise these enough!!  
By happy lady :-D

Well, I received my pack of Otostick and..........OMG!!! I could kiss the person that invented these! Absolutely fantastic. I was a bit dubious as a lot of non surgical products promise a lot and deliver nothing but these little beauties are amazing. People with 'normal ' ears wouldn't get how prominent ears can rule your life. With unruly hair like myself, on windy and rainy days its not as easy just to tie your hair back as you are permanently worried about your ears, which results in looking a mess the whole day :-(.Well, not anymore!! Bring on the winter I say :-D. An absolute genius invention. My next order will be in on Monday :-D

Said goodbye to my elf ears after trying these  
By alamin

This item is great for people like me. Who have slightly pointed out ears as the product fixes the issue. I can now wear snapbacks without worrying about my ears sticking out like an elf %uD83D%uDE03

By Emma (England)

I actually use these for my earlobes! My earlobes are quite wide and i use these to stick them back so they look in proportion to the rest of my ear.. Brilliant to use and are a dream solution for my ears.

If you want a solution to protruding ears, this is it.  

All my life I have had one protruding ear. That's okay when you want to wear your hair round your face but when you put your hair into a pony tail, you like something from out of space.
These ear correctors are easy to use and they do the trick.
I would recommend them with no hesitation.

Five Stars  
By Gee gee 69

Brilliant Product would definitely recommend & will be buying more - Just what I needed!!

amazing product have waited years for something like this  
By Rachel G

amazing product have waited years for something like this. was considering correction surgery but no need to now Otostick is available. Easy to use and not self-conscious about ears anymore while wearing Otostick.

By linda k

does exactly as it says fantastic product You wont believe it till you try this

This product is amazing!!  
By Jordan T

This product is amazing!!! I can't fault it at all I bought some a month ago and another 2 packs this month. It really does work I was considering getting surgery but after using otostick I would be perfectly fine just wearing these. You put them on and they are really sticky so you can have a shower or bath without them getting less sticky and are really hard to see when wearing them. Whoever made these thank you so much it had built my confidence up so much even got my hair cut shorter and still looks good.