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Exfolimate - Face and Body exfoliation with micro-groove technology
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Customer Testimonials:

By Jo "Jo"

I really like this idea u never realize how much dead skin cells we walk around with I used mine with a wet body and bio oil but any oil will due some say baby oil it works and glides right over skin if your skin is thinking out as we age you can use this with no worries!

By Carlson

Loved it! It worked wonders on my skin! Even with a 4 month old razor it left me with soft and silky smooth legs for days! Next time I get a spray tan I'm going to make sure I use this first. I personally think it works best when you use it after soaking in a salt bath though. It removed so much dead skin that it clogged my razor with every stroke. Impressive. And no bacteria growth like with loofahs, sponges, poof balls, or rags. And it removed those annoying bumps on the back of my arms - Keratosis Pilaris. Would recommend to my friends!

Mom's Thumb Reviews says: Thumbs Up  
By Mom's Thumb Reviews

Skeptical at first, I didn't think this product would work. I was caught by surprise. I was very skeptical about this metal piece actually working, and worried that it was sharp and would be slicing or cutting open my skin. I tested my face first, and WOW, completely surprised that it actually works. The first time I tested this product, I first washed my face free of makeup, then did a deep pour cleanse, then used the metal exfoliator on my face, even after 2 face washes, that exfoliator still got a TON of gunk off my face. It was gross, cool, and weird all at the same time. So then I decided to test out the body exfoliator. When I tested that I didn't notice as much stuff coming off my skin, but my skin has been smoother, my leg shaving is better, with less ingrown hairs. So its working. It works. Surprisingly it works WELL. I have to recommend this product because it works. I am still so baffled that it does. I was completely ready to give this product a thumbs down, but I can't. This product can be used daily or periodically in the shower or bath...basically you can use it as often as you want without it causing damage or harming your skin. It is best to use this in the shower after your skin is very wet and "supple" because it opens up your pours and softens your pours so the gunk can more easily be removed.

This works!!  
By Pscarfo

When I first received this I was a little nervous to use it. You can’t really see it in the picture but the tools actually have a stainless steel edge on them. This is the side you put against your skin. The directions instruct to use this in the shower when your skin is good and wet. I decided to try this first on my feet. I have rough feet because I’m always barefoot. I couldn’t believe now much dry skin this took off my feet! Now I was curious so I had to try it on my legs. I knew my legs were a little dry (it’s winter in New England!) but I didn’t realize how much dry skin there was until I used this. So of course when I got out of the shower I made sure to apply a good moisturizer. I couldn’t believe the next day how much softer and better my legs and feet looked and felt! I’ve used exfoliating scrubs before - they have nothing on this! I could definitely see where using this before applying a spray tan would give you much better and more even results. This product works!

works really well!!!  
By courtneylynne

Believe it or not this thing is really easy to use. I wasn't really expecting much from using this...but this ish really WORKS!!!! REALLY, REALLY WELL!!! It makes my skin feel crazy soft & it's so fast to use. The body one is also pretty boss, but it's a lot more time consuming so I use it less... I tan a lot so this thing gets my skin looking fab & not all dry looking again really quickly! Recommend for all that tan regularly :)

A really cool tool that actually worked for me.  
By Lastnerve "Val"

I really like this product as an exfoliator. I've seen mitts and loofahs but I've never really seen a tool like the one above. It's really very simple. It doesn't wear out like a loofah or a mitt. It's really a genius and simple idea. On the end of the the plastic part, is a metal tip. It's not like a blade but it does help to open the pores. You can use it on pretty much any body part to exfoliate. I used it at first to exfoliate my face. As I'm aging, I'm noticing that my skin is thinning. I was scared to press down with any amount of pressure in case it left a rash. It didn't. It was really very gentle and after I exfoliated, I put on my toner, moisturizer and finally my make up. My skin looked very smooth and young. It really did help with my fine lines. I loved that they came with two lanyards to hand in the shower.

Love my Exfolimate  
By sooya6 "SGV"

I am definitely loving this product. I use it about 10 minutes after getting in the shower, to allow my skin to absorb the water, and moisten my skin. The metal edge is NOT sharp, so no need to worry about shaving off any peach fuzz, or hair on your face. It is not a razor. It's dull metal edge, that glides over your face, to remove any dead skin, or debris you might have linger, that you might not otherwise remove using a loofa, or wash cloth. This significantly removes more gunk off my face, and I feel it noticeably cleaner than when I don't use it. I can't say it actually reduces signs of aging, but as far as cleaning, it absolutely works. Use a bit of your favorite face cleanser, or body wash, and put the product to use afterwards. I use the PVC strings to hang the Exfolimate in my shower, so those come in handy. I'm absolutely loving this. I hope it lasts a long time.

How can I be the first review for this amazing product?  
By Dustin M

When my wife told me about the Exfolimate I was skeptical, but using it for the first I was sold. I noticed small, but immediate results and was awe struck. A month later now my skin has never looked so healthy. My face glows it's so clear and those embarrassing in grown hairs anywhere, gone. By simple routine this simple product did what thousands in exfoliating products could not. Note: I am a man's man, beard, musk and labor intensive job. Let that speak for this amazing product.