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Cosmopolitan Beauty and fashion guru Inge van Lotringen also said lovely things about Otostick (despite a few random Star Wars references!).

‘Seriously?! These double-sided 'silicone prostheses', resembling a micro T.I.E. Fighter out of Star Wars (ask your dad) are supposed to pin your ears back; great if you feel a bit self-conscious about them but still want to rock this season's ponytails. And by Yoda, they work! My ears aren't very sticky-outy so I'm not doing a great job of demoing the effect but (it's behind my right ear), but, with one end stuck against the side of my scalp and one against the back of my outer ear, the latter definitely gets pulled in. It's so painless, I forget about it entirely until I stumble across it, still going strong, as I wash my hair in the evening. One slight drawback (no pun intended): any hair that gets caught in it will be ripped out of your head’.

(Don't worry, if you apply and then peel off Otostick carefully, that last bit shouldn't be a problem!).

If you want any more information about Otostick, or are not quite sure if they will work for you, please contact us at and we’ll get right back to you.

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