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Spring/Summer Events - What's On In 2018
Getting Healthy in Spring Spring is around the corner, and though some of you may have ditched the New Year’s Resolution to get outdoors and get fit already, we know that springtime is a great time of year to get more active. Going to your local gym is fine but those treadmills can get boring, so why not try an outdoor event? There are a huge selection of races...
Published: 06/04/18
Ear Surgery - Otoplasty and Pinnaplasty
Protruding Ears 5% of the population have protruding ears. This means that one in twenty adults have ears that stick out more than 40 degrees from the side of their head. Many cite self-esteem issues and low confidence, so it would be assumed that those who suffer with this issue would want to change it. A Permanent Solution to Protruding Ears In serious cases, most ...
Published: 22/02/18
Take a Break Magazine
Take a Break magazine’s beauty editor told her readers to ‘TRY THIS…’, including pictures clearly showing a big difference with and without Otostick ear correctors. ‘Think your ears stick out too much? Invest in Otostick and be ready for the tightest up-do! It’s a near invisible silicone device that pulls ears closer...
Published: 15/12/16
Sunday Mirror Notebook Magazine
OK, so maybe we were a bit upset to be described as ‘Crazy Beauty’, but once we’d got over that, the comments from the lovely Lynne Hyland were really great! She called Otostick ‘An instant temporary cure for sticky-out ears’. As for who should try Otostick, Lynne told her readers ‘if you’re among the...
Published: 15/12/16
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Cosmopolitan Beauty and fashion guru Inge van Lotringen also said lovely things about Otostick (despite a few random Star Wars references!). ‘Seriously?! These double-sided 'silicone prostheses', resembling a micro T.I.E. Fighter out of Star Wars (ask your dad) are supposed to pin your ears back; great if you feel a bit self-conscious about them but still wan...
Published: 15/12/16
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